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Keeping an eye on the future.
Even a timeless industry like coffin production is subject to trends, and Moser Holzindustrie plays an active role in this development, such as by means of projects at technical schools and in collaboration with artists.

Coffins for the next generation

As part of a co-operation with the Technical College of Product Design at the Holztechnikum Kuchl woodworking institution, 6th semester students worked on developing their own coffin designs. In this, they were encouraged to put their thoughts, requirements and wishes on the topic into a future-oriented form. The results were impressive, as the ensuing exhibition made clear. We anticipate further projects along the same lines.

Coffins and art

Artists have always been concerned with death and its rituals. For a project with Salzburgian artist, Otto Beck, we delivered simple poplar wood coffins. 10 creatives were then asked to express their interpretations and thoughts on death and farewell using a variety of techniques. This is an example of the kind of collaboration we enjoy participating in.