As diverse as life itself: coffins made by Moser Holzindustrie.
For the bereaved, saying goodbye to someone in an appreciative, loving and personal manner is a compelling need. With this in mind, our mission is to provide them with high quality, environmentally-friendly coffins, 35,000 times a year.


Reinhard und Michael MoserWe have built Moser Holzindustrie over 60 years through our constant efforts to bring goals and values to reality. Our mission statement is our yardstick, and at the same time our obligation: to continue to thrive, for the benefit of our customers and for our future.

  • Our Values

    • Our customers are always at the centre of what we do
    • We act conscientiously and with discipline
    • We fully support and encourage colleagues, partners and employees. We are loyal and respectful to them, strengthening our team spirit
    • We pursue our goals consistently and with precision
    • We look out for the positive and notice joy
    • We always think and act with humility
  • Our Vision

    • We are THE partner for undertakers
    • Develop new markets in neighboring countries
    • Constantly adapt the product range to market and trends
    • Develop and market complementary products
    • Further develop our corporate structure with the aim of establishing a self-reliant management team
  • Our Quality Standards

    • First-class quality is always our number one priority
    • Our top-quality products require a defined, constantly monitored and tested selection of raw materials and suppliers
    • The careful processing and a high level of vertical integration, ongoing control during the production cycle as well as a professional final inspection guarantee the consistent standard of our products and services
    • We are constantly developing in order to future-proof our skills and know-how
    • Constant product development and the will to innovate ensure we are always able to offer the latest, contemporary and high quality products to our customers
  • Our Idea of Sustainability

    • We look after our resources, using local wood the origin of which we can trace and whose suppliers we know
    • We also adhere to this principle when working with suppliers and partner companies
    • We are considerate to our environment by ensuring short, optimised delivery and logistics
  • Dependability

    • We keep our promises and commitments, making every effort to meet any deadlines
    • Our customers, suppliers and partners are always able to rely on us
  • Our Quality of Service

    • For our customers, we achieve „the impossible“
    • We take any special requests seriously and always strive to fulfill them
    • Fast and short-notice production is a matter of course for us
    • Our own delivery fleet guarantees flexible, short-term and punctual logistics
    • We take on challenges and solve them
    • We are always available for our customers
  • Our Staff’s Commitment

    • We are true to our word and strive to implement our customers’ and partners‘ requests in the best possible way
    • Handling all of our customers’ concerns and fulfilling their wishes is our daily task and aspiration
    • Accepting challenges, always striving to give our best and to find solutions, is our daily business
    • Being in touch with our customers personally is very important to us
  • Our Contribution to our Customers‘ Success

    • We support our funeral directors‘ sales with our high-quality, first-class products and services
    • As the “Undertaker’s Partner”, we want to facilitate their daily work and thus promote their success
    • Our employees’ individual and continuous support should be a source of innovation, trends, know-how and inspiration
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Back when Karoline and Sepp Moser founded their company in 1957, their ambitious vision was clear – it should be more than just a sawmill. This was followed by years of development and numerous investments in the production set-up specialising in coffins. Today, the family business, with its main plant in St. Michael (Lungau, Salzburger Land) and a facility in the Czech Republic, is managed by Mr. Reinhard Moser. As the market leader for wood and metal coffins in Austria, we are continuing along our own successful path, with the next generation, our son Michael, balancing tradition and a forward-thinking outlook.

Quality, responsibility and sustainability

These are principles that go beyond the production process. They also guide us in terms of the trusting collaboration we enjoy with our long-standing customers and partner companies. Flexible, yet reliable, processes and the swift consideration of special requests are all part of this. The sustainability of our coffins is more than just a fashionable catchphrase. We are proud of our operation’s PEFC certification, whereby we exclusively process local woods.

Firmly rooted in experience and innovation

From the establishment of the company over many years, it continued to develop towards re-orientation and expansion in the ‘90s and towards today’s design collaborations with woodworking colleges.

Our highly-specialised, loyal team of over 100 employees is a pillar of our success. Every day, they use their experience and innovative strength for the benefit of Moser Holzindustrie and our clients. Our future will be built on their skills.