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Made from the very best woods.
The woods for our coffins come exclusively from sustainably managed Austrian forests. This isn’t just a trend – it is what we have done ever since the company was first established. We also apply the same high standards when selecting our suppliers, who are all PEFC-certified.

Austrian ecolabel

The ECCO19 coffin model meets the highest ecological standards and was developed as the first model without metal parts or chemical treatments. The raw materials and processing also comply with the Austrian Ecolabel, which is an important step towards a clean future.

The basis for the Austrian Ecolabel and the certification of a product is formed by the “life cycle approach”, whereby the environmental effects during production are tested. These include the raw material and energy consumption, the toxicity of constituents, emissions (exhaust gases, waste-water, noise, etc.), waste and recyclability. The same applies to the packaging, distribution and transportation.



As a contribution to the 30-year anniversary of the Austrian Ecolabel, we have planted 1,000 trees. For the benefit of ecology, sustainability and a green Austria.

In order to guarantee the best quality and perfect service for our customers in the future, we demand the best raw materials as well as reliable, certified partners. We are still fully committed to our local economy, jobs and families.
We rely on Austrian suppliers and their products, so that undertakers can pass on a product that is guaranteed ecological and high-quality to their customers. Thus, together with our partners, we make a great contribution to keep Austria beautiful.

Bäume pflanzen

In the cycle of nature

Having a mission means having obligations. People who make coffins are more consciously concerned with finiteness, including our natural resources. That is why we only use local woods, whose origin we can trace and whose suppliers we know. They all comply with the strict PEFC standards for sustainable forestry.

Our PEFC CERTIFICATE guarantees that, along the entire supply chain, the woods used in our products originate from forests that are actively managed in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner.

PEFC – what’s that?

Keeping forests intact is essential to the long-term survival of mankind. But worldwide, 11 to 15 million hectares of forest are destroyed every year. The international Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes is committed to sustainable forest management. Since 1999, it has deployed an independent control system to verify compliance with sustainable forestry on the basis of national standards and it is actively involved in the protection of forests.

All our suppliers are PEFC-certified

This means that the wood for Moser Holzindustrie coffins is sourced from local forests, which are sustainably managed and meet all the strict PEFC requirements, without exception, and ever since the PEFC was established.

So, you can be sure that our natural materials were, are and always will be sourced in harmony with the balance of nature.